Security deposits are equal to one months’ rent and the following are the monthly slip rents:

  • $500 per month - with discounts for annual prepaid rent

Things to Know

  1. Lift adjustments to fit vessel – call Matt at 727-692-0695 (extra charge).

  2. Remote controls are available with $100 deposit returned at end of lease when remote is returned in good condition.

  3. Turn off breakers and water to slip when not in use and when you leave.

  4. Do not leave lift in water while out in boat since barnacles will develop and scratch boat.

  5. Keep cables in tracks. If tangled, cables will be damaged.

  6. Raise boat a few feet less than the maximum or cable may be damaged.

  7. Raise front of vessel slightly to allow water drainage.

Mailing Address:

Slips With Lifts, LLC
P.O. Box 3727
Seminole, FL 33775


Call: Jessica at 813-789-6434

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